مشخصات فنی RTU

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» مشخصات فنی RTU های مدل RTK25xx

هر دستگاه RTU شامل یک برد CPU و چند برد I/O و یک برد Power Supply است که در داخل یک جعبه فلزی قرار میگیرد. این جعبه فلزی میتواند با انتخاب شما دارای یک نشان دهنده LCD و 4 کلید فشارقوی باشد. در جداول زیر مشخصات مدل های مختلف هر کدام از بردها بطور نمونه بررسی شده اند.

» مشخصات برخی مدل های متداول بردهای CPU با امکانات مختلف:

CPUARM 7-32 RISC-56MHz Processor
User ProgrammableNoYes
RTC32.768KHz - Calibration:1s/Year - with 3v Backup Battery
USBUSB Device 2.0 Full Speed-12Mbps
ModbusRS-485 300bps to 115.2kbps-
LAN-10/100Mbps-10/100Mbps HDX/FDX
MicroSDFAT 16/32-UP to 4GB
GSM/GPRS-Quad Band:GSM 850,EGSM 900,DCS 1800,PCS 1900
GSM:Phase2/2+ GPRS:Multi-Slot Class10
LCD-122x32 Pixels Graphic - 4 Lines Text - English/Farsi
Keypad-4 Push Buttons for Menu and Parameters

»مشخصات برخی مدل های متداول بردهای I/O با امکانات مختلف:

Digital InputsCount1277755
Digital OutputsCount777766
Analog InputsCount066661
Type4 to 20mA4 to 20mA4 to 20mA4 to 20mA4 to 20mAPT100
Power MetersCount000011
Type----3Ph AC 380v
3Ph CT 1.5A
3Ph AC 380v
3Ph CT 1.5A

»  مشخصات نرم افزاری و قابلیت های عمومی سیستم های RTU:(مشترک بین تمام مدل ها)

Operating System                           Embedded Real Time OS-V4.1

USB                          Connection     USB2.0 Standard CDC Driver

Tool               Single Executable Win32 File for User Configuration                         

RTC                          Operation      Date/Time and Calendar Counter-independent of CPU

 Accuracy        Hard-Calibrated +/-1s per Year in 27 C Room Temperature                                



  Modbus                    Modes             Master/Slave/Multi-Mode      

           Protocols         ASCII or RTU/RS-485/Parity: None,Odd,Even/Baud Rate:1.2Kbps to 115.2Kbps                               

 Gateway          Open Modbus(Modbus-TCP) Gateway,TCP Port:502 Up to slave addresses        

Class                 Class l/ll/lll       Packet Length:64bytes       

User Interface        LCD                  Graphic 122x32 Pixels can be used in these formats

Single Line Large font + Icons *       

Dual Line English/Farsi Font + Icons *       

Quad Line English Font*        

Blacklight with PWM Control(Automatic Energy Saving)i         

Keypad             4 Push Buttons-Menu/User Programmable       

 Ethernet/LAN               Physical              IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3/100Base-TX/Auto Negotiation/2KV Isolation

    Indicators          2LEDs independent of CPU      

     MAC                  Factory Configured MAC Address/8Kbytes Buffer with DMA for Fast Access      

VLAN                 IEEE802.1Q    Limited Configuration      

TCP/IP              Protocol Full Stack(Embedded Version) -IPv4/ARP/RARP/DHCP/DNS/TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP      

   UDP                    Maximum 10 UDP Sockets/UDP Broadcast/Araztak Protocol (Port 18970)i     

DNP3                   TCP Client mode support   Protocol:IEEE1815-2012    

Telnet                  Telnet Server (TCP Port 23)-PAP Authentication    

    System Full Access with Esay                               

Command Interface                               

Maximum 2 sessions                              


HTTP                    Web Server(TCP Port80) PAP Authentication -System Configuration Thru User Friendly Web Interface-Maximum 7 sessions  

Modbus TCP          Open Modbus Protocol for Gateway Mode and RTU Internal  Registers Access 

EEPROM           Size                      In Normal Models:16KB

Storage                                        In User Programmable:64KB       

             User Area             16KB                               

Micro SD         Technology           SPI Bus Fast Access

Size                       4GB Maximum                      

Format                  FAT16/FAT32                      

Speed                   Read:416KB/s                      


   Limits                   Maximum 32 Root Directories                      

Maximum 128 Folders/Files in Each Folder                                                  

GSM/GPRS     SIM Card              1.8V / 3.0V

Bands                    GSM 850MHz                     

            EGSM 900MHz                                                  

DCS 1.8GHz                                                  

               PCS 1.9GHz                                                  

Standard              GSM Phase 2/2+Class 4 (2W) at GSM/EGSM                     

Class 1 (1W) at DCS/PCS                                                 

GPRS                    Multi -Slot Class10                     

                     Protocols              Araztak UDP Over GPRS   -IRANRTU.com Compatible                     

                SMS Body              English/Farsi Pre-Defind Text     

Message for I/O Events or Alarms                          

User SMS              Maximum 20 SMS Body Capacity for User Configurable Text-Message in English /Farsi     

SMS Targets          Phone Numbers:10 Persons     

:Grouped in 3 Phone Numbers for                          


Supervisors *                          


Digital I/O    Naming                  For  each I/O: * English 16 Characters   * Unicode (Farsi) 16 Characters

SMS Sending        On-Activation     



Special Functions   Each Input can be Used as Alarm or Fault    

Each Input can Trigger Data                                 

Logger for a new Record                                 

Inverting              Each Input can be Configured for [Normal Close] Operation    

Relays                    3A 24vDC/2A 110vAC/1A 220vAC   

NPN Outs               2A 24vDC   

Opto-Inputs           24vDC:2.6mA      Minimum:18V  

220vAC: 1.5mA    Minimum:175V                                

Analog I/O     Accuracy            Inputs:16bit(24 bit Optional) 10K Samples Per Second

  Outputs: 16bit-520 Samples Per Second                               

Filtering                 Inputs: Optional  Digital Filters   

Outputs: Anti-Aliasing                              

  Naming                 As Digital I/O  

SMS Sending          Each Input: Lower Limit/Higher Limit/Sender Disconnect 

Special Functions   As Digital I/O 

Calibration            ADC's Multiplier,Adder,Divider 

4to 20 mA            Maximum 28mA Full Scale 

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